Our Billboard

Digital BOARDS

Great for: • Brand Advertisements • Music Videos • Promo Videos • Events • Visual Demonstrations

Display your commercials or multiple images for your customers to see.  

• Size: 31.5in x 19.7 in

• Combines Audio + Visual advertising

• Play video only

• Battery life is 8hrs

• Play from : USB

• Compatible file formats: MP4, MPG2, MPEG1, MP3, JPG, AVI, etc. 


Great for: • Artist Promotions • Movie Openings • Advertising Brands • Political Campaigns • Brand Recognition • Street Team Promotion • Moblie 7 FEET TALL billboard!

Our LED backpack billboard is the perfect way to advertise. We offer 3 different options to advertise on one billboard.

-Customize text scroll screen

-Front Panel: 22.75 in. x 23.50 in.

-Back Panel: 22.75 in. x 51.50 in.