3 Tips to get started in creating a great billboard ad!

1. Know who your audience is.

Not everyone is your customer. Knowing this very fact upfront and facing this reality makes it a lot easier for you speak to and focus on your tribe. You know what your customer likes, so just use your creative ideas in finding ways to talk to them.

2.Be relatable and find the feeling that most resonates with your audience.

The holidays are coming up.  The most common advertisements we will see are ads with children. The main reason for using children is because we can all relate to being a child.  We all have the memory of hoping for something that we want, wishing that we receive it for the holidays and remember the joy of receiving the gift we always wanted.  These fond memories essentially do makes us go out and purchase with companies.  Macy’s does a great job in selling fond memories via their holiday parades, that we all grew up watching either live or seeing it on TV and creating the tradition of making it available for us to bring our children to their parades.  Essentially Macy’s advertise to us via generational tradition, not just showing us bedding and perfume.    

3. Stand Out!

Standing out is the key component to your ad.  You want to separate yourself from other brands.  This can happen with color theory; for example using the color red in your ads incites a feeling of urgency and excitement if that’s the feeling you are trying to convey. If you are a skin care line common calming colors to use are brown, green, orange, and white.   You are the expert of your brand, don’t be afraid to experiment, trust your gut! If you need help coming up with ideas contact me for a consultation.

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