Top 3 questions every business owners should ask before buying advertising

Photo by James Sutton

You want to gain bigger following for your business, and we all know the best way to get your business out there is through advertising. There are lots of scammers on the internet, and here is some question you should ask before buying advertisement.

  1. Who is their target Market?

Not everyone is your customer.  It is better to focus on a small group than to appease the whole world. Know your crowd and target to that crowd. If an advertiser doesn’t know their own crowd.

2. Can you provide me with Analytics?

Men lie, Women lie, but what are the numbers? People are selling advertising spaces on online websites but can’t tell you how many views their site receives.  There are “advertisers” who can’t even tell you which location on the globe who views their content the most! In the year 2019, we have way too much technology not to know. 

3. Does the advertising page have engagement?

We are living in an era where people purchase Instagram and twitter followers.  The numbers look amazing, but are people engaging with their content? It’s a very telling sign if a page has 100k followers, average 2 likes per post and people rarely ever comment on their content.  1 million Followers and no one speaks to them just screams purchased followers.

If an advertiser can’t confidently answer any of these questions you asked, DO NOT BUY! They are running scams or just looking for a quick money grab.  People who run legitimate businesses have no problem being honest and transparent with their potential clients.  A business owner who can’t be clear and concise about the who, what, when, where, and why about their own business, is not a business you should purchase from.

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