Broadcast Enterprise: We Go Where You are celebrated!

Wow! Can you believe the holidays are creeping up on us! I hope you all are having a wonderful week thus far! I have started my Metro Stop Advertising, which is a campaign where I provide brand familiarity through means of billboard advertising in Washington, DC. Here are some lessons I’ve learned as I advertised for Neter Gold, an organic skin/haircare line:

  1. Go where you are celebrated! Yes, a lesson we always seem to forget, because we are too busy
    trying to chase an ideal fantasy consumer; you know the ones we see downtown in the spiffy
    suits and dresses, which seem to have the most money. The bubble bursts when we find they
    are the crowd least likely to stop, listen, or even take a flyer. I then took my talents elsewhere. I
    found that when I went into inner-city urban areas of Washington, DC, we were welcomed with
    so much love.
  2. Cigarette breaks are great sales moments! I advertised during lunch hours at Union Station.
    Those who work inside Union Station, tend take their cigarette breaks at a certain time, in a
    specific section outside. Seeing my walking billboards peeked their interest to ask what I was
    advertising. It was a perfect opportunity to pitch your product! By the end of the pitch potential
    customers were asking for samples and if they could purchase products from me (unfortunately
    I wasn’t provided with any samples at the time.)
  3. Representation Matters! Whether you are selling hair care or soda pop, having an example of
    the person(s) who your product best represents is a great selling point. It showcases who you
    are as a brand, and it appeals to people who can see themselves in your brand. For example,
    Neter Gold is a natural hair/ skin care line. I am a naturalista. I wore my hair in an afro when
    discussing the products. When people asked me for hair care advice I was able to answer back
    with a product from the Neter Gold collection that would work best for them. When I am out
    broadcasting your products or service, I want to make sure questions are answered.
  4. Sell or Brand at festivals and big events! Broadcast Enterprise advertises at large festivals. We
    advertised during H Street Day right before I started my metro campaign. You wouldn’t believe
    how many people recognized the Ad just by me being there. Familiarity builds sales and this is
    what you want. Your brand is no different from Coca Cola, it’s just has not enough exposure yet.
    Working with us, you will get there soon. (Check out the events that we will be coming to soon)
    If you are interested in having your product broadcasted in DC click here!

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